Dan Klein's Personal Crap


Photos of me now on their own page

Photos of birds (taken by me) from the National Aviary, where I am a docent (and birds from other locations, too)

Photos of critters (also taken by me)

Photo at right (with Collared Raven) by Martha Rial / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (6/3/2005)

Music and Voiceover

I write music and I also sing with In Acchord and have produced a CD.

And I also do voiceover work (sick of me yet?) Check out the Android App Sherlock Mysteries (also reviewed on Board Game Geek), where I did all of the voices (some 40 in all).

Acting and Videography

I also act in films, so my theatre resume is here, and here are a few samples of stuff I self-produced:

Writing & Blogs

Most of what is here now is about rites of passage – of tumultuous or joyous times in my own life. I humbly offer them here in the hopes that you may find a mirror into which you may gaze at your own soul, and that they will help you through your own passages. Or, that maybe you can just enjoy a good read... I also write a blog for Pittsburgh Opera. It's more a collection of insights and observations than a log of activities, and each article takes me between 3 and 6 hours to write, so there is some research, too :-)

Nietzhe said "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". He may have been an anti-Semitic old bastard, but he wasn't stupid. I'm stronger for the trials I have survived - and if nothing else, I am a survivor!


I write a blog for Pittsburgh Opera and Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh. If you are thinking of fat ladies in horned helmets and stuffy patrons, you've fallen for the same cliches that so many of us have. If you think of "Moonstruck", you're closer to the mark (but still not quite there). In my blog, I go backstage (and other places). Here are the articles in chronological order.