Photo: Karen Kern

Daniel V. Klein, Computer and Security Consulting

I take my work very seriously. My personal life (as evidenced by the photo at left) is another story. I try to enjoy life as much as I can. But when you hire me for a consulting gig, you'll have 100% of my attention, and over 30 years of computer experience to tap from.

Here's some stuff you'd probably want from me:
  • Current Employer
    • Google, as a Software Engineer (and previously as a Site Reliability Engineer) in Pittsburgh)

  • Expertise and Experience
    • Consulting - if you need it, I can do it. Applications, CGI scripts, security, operating systems, data analysis, generalized or specialized consulting, design, implementation, troubleshooting, debugging, analysis - nothing scares me. My client list is as long as my arm, and I can even tell you about some of them (but I also take non-disclosure agreements very seriously).
    • Security consulting - I don't know any black-hats, but I can think like one...
    • Training - I have worked for Tom Christiansen Perl Consultancy and Dave Beazley teaching and training people worldwide in Perl and Python. I have also taught numerous topics at dozens of conferences, including USENIX, SANS, Thunder Lizard, SAGE-AU (Australia), NORDU (Sweden and Finland), Open Systems (Russia), and EurOpen (Ireland, Austria, England, Germany, and France), as well as consulting for companies in the US and overseas.
    • Expert Witness - I have been deposed a number of times, testified in federal court in front of a jury, and in county court before an arbitration board, and lawyers trust me. I can give you case numbers (look on my resume), and tell you that I have not yet been on the losing side. If you need an expert witness, I can probably help.
    • Training Development Coordinator for the USENIX Association, the Advanced Computing Systems Association.

  • My resume, in PDF format. I tend to avoid Windoze if I can help it (preferring Unix and the Macintosh instead).